Unlocking Potential – The benefits of neurodiversity training in the workplace

Attracting and harnessing neurodiverse talents provides advantages for all. Every organisation will have people who may have neurodivergent skills. Every person is different and not everyone will come with a diagnosis but may want some support to be their best selves.

As autism spectrum disorder (ASD) becomes increasingly prevalent, it is important for companies to understand how people with autism can be a true asset to an organisation. Hiring and creating a functional workspace for individuals with diverse talents and needs can help organisations reach their business goals, create a healthier and more inclusive workplace, and provides more opportunity for individuals with ASD to contribute their talents and skills in a meaningful way.

Miseducation and unemployment of neurodiverse individuals also has a negative impact on companies whether they realise it or not. Those who are considered neurodiverse possess unique skills that others may lack, such as strong analytical skills, pattern recognition, mathematical thinking, and information processing.

Neurodiversity Training Programmes

Neurodiversity training programmes help organisations attract, hire and retain talent that thinks differently. This training is highly beneficial because it educates employees and management about neurodiversity at work and how to create a more accepting, inclusive work environment so all members of the company can thrive. These programmes also provide management and HR recruiters with tactical training in hiring neurodiverse individuals.

FTSE 100 companies and others are embracing neurodivergent talent in interesting ways. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Deloitte and GCHQ are all encouraging recruitment of neurodiverse members.

Microsoft recognises that neurodivergent individuals can strengthen a workforce. Seeking to maximise the potential of their skills in innovation and creative problem-solving, they have a significant focus on recruiting neurodivergent staff.

Google is encouraging more neurodivergent software engineers and designers to join them and they aim to train 500 Google Cloud managers in hiring new staff.

With a strong focus on improving Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, Deloitte supports better neurodiversity in a workplace through its recruitment processes and data reporting. helping managers increase their knowledge, confidence, and understanding of hiring neurodivergent staff.

GCHQ recognises the value of divergent thinking and experiences when it comes to minimising potential security threats. They prize skills such as creative problem-solving, concentration, and data analysis since they’re effective for cracking codes, reducing predictability, and responding to security threats.


In addition to these giants of industry, at White Willow Partners we pride ourselves on our approach to neurodiversity and embrace all aspects of the extensive ‘umbrella’ of conditions that are defined as neurodiverse. We are passionate about education and have developed a programme of learning modules to encourage and assist employers to provide an inclusive and safe workplace for those who have any recognised conditions and, to help those who work alongside them understand and embrace the benefits of working with these team members.

If you’d like to find out more about our training programme or how to embed neurodiversity in your business, contact us.

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