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Consultancy services

At White Willow Partners, our approach is collaborative and dynamic; we apply good practices not only from our own practitioner experience, but also drawing upon relevant academic research to produce innovative ideas which then evolve to become the solution to meet your needs.

HR Consultancy

White Willow Partners offers an end-to-end consultancy service to clients. Recognising the importance of planning, we'll spend time with you to understand your needs, identify priorities, ask our questions then scope the piece of work that’s required.

Once you’re happy that we understand your needs, that’s when we will then move into an iterative design and implementation phase. This could be in collaboration with your team, or you might want to hand over to us. We'll check in regularly to ensure that what we’re producing meets your expectations. We’ll make sure we adapt and flex to changes that might be required and respond to them quickly. We'll report any blockers we’re facing and provide potential solutions and support to help overcome them.

Once implementation is complete, we like to conduct a lesson learned activity to identify what worked well during our programme of work, and what we could do better. It’s important to us that you are completely satisfied with our service; we don’t shy away from feedback, we see this as a learning opportunity.

Each piece of work is unique, and we will endeavour to respect this in the final product we deliver.

Project management

We’re able to work collaboratively with you, our client, or we can fully project manage a piece of work for you. We will not impose a rigid project management practice; we will adapt to your needs and demands. The critical factors are that we deliver to time, with high standards and excellent quality.

❝ Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.❞
(Bruce Lee)

Consultancy services

Job analysis and talent acquisition

Learning and development

Talent management and leadership development