Strengthen knowledge and capability with dynamic, realtime learning which flexes around business demands.

Learning and development

At White Willow Partners we’re recognised for creating award-winning learning interventions. We believe that when investment is made in developing your people it will unleash their full potential, giving them greater insight into what’s possible, increasing their motivation to perform and to engage with their work.

Experienced at employing adult learning theory and creating learning which spans the full lifecycle, of needs analysis, design, piloting with feedback loop, delivery and facilitation through to full suite of evaluation options.

We're experienced at developing all types of learning content:

  • Working with your subject matter experts to create technical content bringing their jobs to live, making individuals operational more quickly.
  • Professional competence learning to support industry qualifications, we can create learning aligned to a syllabus helping you to build internal accreditation programmes.
  • Skills development to enhance the skills of your people; we can cover most topics including (but not limited to) conflict management, influencing, relationship development and management, personal effectiveness, operational effectiveness.

Whatever type of learning intervention you’re seeking we will come work with you to create something that is befitting your organisational excellence. We work across multi-channel, blended learning and with recognised experts in their field, to bring you the best offering.

Career planning

We can create a career planning offering for your organisation, which supports your internal career management framework, incorporating all corporate grades, recognising that careers follow all kinds of paths.

We don’t offer a one size approach; we'll tailor the offering to meet your needs. It might be that you want a blend of formal learning, individual resources to support career planning discussions and individual, group or team coaching to aid career thinking and development planning. Whatever your requirements we can create a bespoke service to deliver to them.

Coaching, mentoring and coaching supervision

We’re working with some of the best business coaches to support our client’s leadership/top talent to create development plans to achieve their goals, which in turn will support organisational achievements. Our coaches are fully qualified and accredited with professional bodies recognising professional competence and excellence in the field. We can work with your Board members/C-suite executives through to the most junior levels of your organisation.

We operate a focused coaching model, which means we will achieve results within 3-6 sessions. All conversations are treated with confidentiality but we will report, in partnership with the individual, their achievements and successes within the business.

In addition, to being able to provide a coaching service, we’re recognised for our award-winning offering to grow an internal faculty of coaches and mentors. So, alongside any leadership/management development intervention, you can build your own internal coaching/mentoring faculty which will have long term sustainable results for your business. We can build this out to be multi-channel and blended offering using current research across the industry.

We’ll help you to gain external recognition/accreditation for any coaching offering that you choose to implement, working with a number of professional bodies across international borders.

We're recognised for being able to offer a full suite of coaching supervision; from building you an internal supervision framework with your own supervision faculty, to providing externally recognised supervision to support your coaching offering.

Diversity and inclusion learning

We're mindful of the ever-increasing focus on ensuring we are incorporating diversity and inclusivity research into our offering. This could include bespoke learning for your organisation or working to build awareness of a specific area to build insight across your people.

We have a proven track record of unconscious bias, gender and disability topics. We also focus on well-being and mindfulness learning working with experts to ensure our offering is using current best practice.

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Learning and development

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