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Many of us spend time thinking about:

  • How many steps we’ve walked?
  • How many days we’ve reduced our meat intake and focus on plant days?
  • When’s our next dental or eye check-up?
  • When’s our next medical?

These thoughts are focused on our physical wellbeing, keep ourselves healthy.

However, how many of us spend the same amount of time thinking about our mental health?

I know I never used to until out of the blue, I was knocked sideways by poor mental health which left me I don’t know what to do; how do I deal with this? I was completely unprepared and out of my depth.

The true reality is that at any given time, 1 in 6 working age adults in the UK will be experiencing poor mental health. Yet because their symptoms aren’t deemed or diagnosed as critical, they are left to their own devices to get a medical diagnosis or try to somehow cope.[1].

Many of us don’t plan for or know how to manage and be in control of an event which can impact our mental wellbeing. A stigma hangs over many of us being able to openly discuss a seemingly taboo subject in the workplace or in society more broadly. This will only change if we take positive steps to remove this stigma.

Driving change in the workplace, integrating mental wellbeing proactively and real time alongside physical health, is something your organisation should consider.

As an HR professional or people manager what’s happening in your organisation to manage stigma associated with mental health? How are you tackling this, and do you need any assistance?

White Willow Partners are experienced in delivering innovative wellbeing initiatives in partnership with organisations of all sizes. We’re experienced, accredited mental health first aiders, accredited with Mental Health England. Also accredited and authenticated instructors of First Aid for Mental Health qualifications.

We can discuss your current arrangement, explore where you would like to get to and share ideas on helping you to achieve your goal. Get in touch, this will not only benefit the organisation, but also every one of your employees plus others who have relationships with your staff inside the company and outside, in the wider community.

Get in touch, someone will be in touch within 2 working days.

[1] Royal College of Psychiatrists, Mental Health and Work programme 2016


Author - Carrie White


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