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Talent management and leadership development

Talent management and development

At White Willow Partners, we’re experienced at managing talent effectively; harnessing high performance and developing solutions to serve to fast-track experience and to aid succession planning.

We will work with you to gain insight into your priority areas, focusing on organisational objectives. We will follow this up with either a full suite offering that will structure your talent offering, or targeted interventions for specific audiences.

Succession planning

We’ve experience of how to build and maintain succession plans which are pragmatic and meaningful, not simply documents that are created then stored for annual review.

We will work closely with leadership teams to understand how they want to align talent to your succession management framework; providing guidance and interventions to support your future talent pipeline across all corporate grades.

Leadership and management development

We’re experienced and award-winning in our approach to leadership and management development. We'll partner with your team to understand the current perception of leadership within your organisation, the capabilities that need to be developed to strengthen your leadership; then deliver solutions against these needs.

We'll provide multi-channel, blended solutions that are unique to your business and not one size fits all. We can support external recognition and/or accreditation of your offering to provide professional credence to your leadership proposition.

360 profiling

To support a leadership/management development offering we are able to use a number of 360 tools to aid development discussions. We will administer and implement the chosen tool, providing reports and individual feedback discussion to aid development planning.

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Talent management and leadership development