First Aid For Mental Health

In recent years we have become increasingly aware of the importance of mental health and the need to not only talk more openly about it, but also to understand and help those who may be suffering.  But despite this, there can still be a stigma when it comes to our workplace, with many employees reluctant to speak out and struggling to cope.

Reports show that at any one time a sixth of the working population can be experiencing symptoms of mental ill health, and absenteeism because of such conditions can cost on average UK employers £335 per employee.



Break Down Barriers

Given this, businesses are recognising not only the need, but the true value, a qualified Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) can bring to their workforce.  As with any form of first aid, a trained individual taking both timely and appropriate action can help alleviate the impact of a given event.  Their presence in the workplace helps remove the barriers associated with mental health and develops a healthier environment of openness and trust.

Let's Talk about Training

Nuco Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health

White Willow Partners in association with Nuco Training are pleased to offer Mental Health First Aid accredited learning workshops providing learners with the knowledge and skills needed to act should a condition be suspected.

Nuco is the largest combined network of First Aid, First Aid for Mental Health, Health and Safety and Food Safety instructors.

This level 2 training programme provides an approved accreditation (achieved via assessment) that is valid for three years.

Suitable for everyone, this course has been designed to not only help provide a positive mental health culture in the workplace but gives learners the knowledge and confidence to act if circumstances require it.

Completion of this accredited programme leads to a FAA (First Aid Awards) Level 2 qualification in First Aid for Mental Health.

This workshop gives learners:

  • An introduction to the First Aid for Mental Health Action Plan
  • Understanding of a wide range of mental health conditions
  • The confidence to start a conversation
  • The experience to offer suggestions in self-management, or, signposting to mental health professionals

We offer these courses on a regular basis and they are delivered both virtually and in person. To find out more and book a suitable date please email

Courses are run throughout the year

We are happy to arrange dates to suit your own requirements.

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The Return To Work Experience

Welcoming colleagues back to work following a period of ill health can be challenging for employers.

Sensitivity and caring for a person’s wellbeing needs to be balanced with social and operational responsibilities.

It is important that every organisation has a proven “welcome back” practice which meets the circumstances for any given situation.  Working closely with our clients, we develop bespoke toolkits and wellbeing care plans which ensure both employees, and managers, have all they need to navigate the return-to-work experience.  Businesses providing these tailored packages are not only creating an environment of support and care but are protecting their most valuable asset.

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